Brand new – build cleans from Nu-Brite!

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September 27, 2018
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November 9, 2018

After leading the show home cleaning sector for years, Nu-Brite has decided to add another string to its bow! We are as of October 2018 launching our after-build cleaning service to current and prospective clients. This service represented a natural next step for our company and compliments the open and sparkle cleans, carpet and window cleaning and sales office cleans.

The service will cover cleaning of newly built properties, renovations and repairs of housing developments, blocks of flats and commercial premises. Nu-Brite now has a team of highly skilled and trained cleaners who can help clean up premises from the development stage and until the final touches are added to the building.

After the builders have left the premises we deal with all that is left behind: rubble, dust, paint splatters, tools, refuse sacks. The cleaners come prepared with a good assortment of cloths, buckets, mops, hoovers, a range of cleaning chemicals, sanitizers and special fluids to remove paint and stickers off windows and furniture. We also remove frog tape and floor coverings, leaving the house ready for the sparkle and open cleans.

The team looks after every single detail from filler and glue smudges to fine dust collecting on windows and porcelains objects. This operation is an essential stage before any decorating work can commence because otherwise the building dust could stick to the wet paint and ruin entire days’ work!
As usual, for more information and a bespoke quote, just ring our helpful sales director Emma on 0333 222 0862.