Chrystal clear – window clean and jet washing from Nu-Brite!

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July 27, 2018
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September 3, 2018

Window cleaning has now become the norm for many of us and chances are you have your home windows cleaned every few weeks or so. And let’s face it, there’s nothing like the feeling of looking out through a crystal-clear window and enjoying the gleaming sunshine outside. Unfortunately, when windows are dirty (we’re looking at you, urban pigeons) or smeared, it makes us recoil in horror! Our cleaners at Nu-Brite specialise in window cleaning and jet washing and their experience is second to none.

Our window cleaning team works exclusively for show homes, communal blocks, cabins and sales office – we even spray wash porta-cabins! The team is always prepared to tackle any challenges, even for tall multi-storey buildings. They use no stepladders or harnesses and operatives remain on the floor armed with a water-fed pole. This ensures ideal safety for both our cleaners and our customers onsite.

So what is it that we do differently? We use only pure water when cleaning your windows, without any harsh chemicals or solutions. Our system allows us to clean windows leaving them smear-free and without a speck of limescale!

And because we know the intricacies of new show home decorations and design, we also help remove stickers, glue or paint from building works. So whether it is velux roof window, singular windowpanes or even full glass conservatories, we ensure every corner is clean and free of debris. Our cleaners spruce up fascias, guttering and UPVC elements at the same time.

But the cleaning team does so much more than windows; we offer jet washing for every single patio and driveway, we clean moss from slabs, dust from garage doors and frames. And, if your show home happens to be broken in, we help remove graffiti and clean up in the aftermath, restoring your precious new home to its glory.

We also remove mess from birds and other animals and we always make sure not to disturb their nests because we understand how important the environment is for our customers.

And there you have it; a window cleaning service with a difference. If you need us, we’re just a phone call away. We can be there in minutes or book us weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Come rain or shine, snow or drizzle, our window cleaning team is always on duty!