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March 12, 2018
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A typical master bedroom from one of customers Taylor Wimpey!

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of launching a new housing development or opening a new show home to the public for the first time. But many people do not realise the amount of effort and coordination that are required in the days and even minutes prior to the grand opening.

Nu-Brite is always at the scene before a new housing estate is launched and we are there to deliver what we call ‘open cleans’, working alongside the developer’s design team. Sometimes we are called in at the last minute and, thanks to our rapid response team, we ensure we are in and out in hours!

So after the tradesmen have finished putting in the last details and installing the last fixtures, the designers swiftly move in. They bring in furniture, curtains, decorations, framed pictures and generally everything that makes a house look like a home. Their attention to detail is astounding and even small things like bathroom amenities or flowers are artfully arranged in the new house.

But with that many busy people onsite, there is also quite a lot of muddy footprints or debris that need taking care of – and this is where we come in!

The Nu-Brite team generally joins in at the last minute and makes sure every nook and cranny is absolutely spotless. We clean absolutely everything; inside, under and on top of furniture, inside cupboards and drawers, showers and toilets.

We ensure the carpets are not only clean, but also fluffy and fragrant, ensuring we keep that new house look throughout.

We also wipe everything from shower rails to window rails, fluff up cushions and bedding and check for cobwebs in even the tightest of spaces. Water marks on the tiles or fingerprints on mirrors? You’ll never see any of these after we’ve done our open clean.

Our operatives also make sure the windows shine like crystal both inside and out. The pure water system we use, combined with our cleaners’ eye for detail ensures that there are no smears or marks on windows to obstruct the visitors’ view!

Finally, when all the work’s been done and the house is the stuff of dreams, we quietly leave the site hoping to impress potential buyers and sales people alike!