We’re launching our new housekeeping service for open days

Chrystal clear – window clean and jet washing from Nu-Brite!
July 27, 2018
Nu-Brite needs you!
September 27, 2018

After listening to feedback from our customers and thinking about how we can best serve their needs, we decided to launch a bespoke housekeeping service for those busy open days on new developments.

Open days are normally extremely hectic affairs with thousands of people coming in and out of the show homes and sales offices. Muddy shoes and interested fingers that leave prints everywhere are all too familiar to sales personnel who try to keep the homes clean and presentable at all times.

The housekeeping service means that one of our smartly-dressed members of staff will be onsite from 10-2 PM to assist the sales team with the launch. The housekeepers can show visitors around, offer drinks and provide them with pamphlets or brochures.

In addition, the housekeepers will ensure that everything is spruced up as the day goes on, cleaning stains or wiping surfaces so that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained throughout. This means that at the end of the day the site will not need an overhaul clean, but rather a quick tidy-up!

Our housekeeping service takes the brunt of all of open day nuisances, leaving the sales team able to concentrate on what they do best: sell beautiful new homes to families across the country! If you are interested in booking one of our housekeepers for your big day, simply contact Emma at emma.williams@nu-brite.co.uk !